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update LDFLAGS documentationandroid-4.0.1_r1.2-b
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@@ -82,8 +82,13 @@ Adding resources to modules (a module must be declared first!):
-:LDFLAGS followed by any number of linker directives to be processed...
-l<foo> will be added as lib<foo> to LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES
- -L will be silently removed
- -pthread will be silently removed
+ -L and -R will be silently removed
+ -pthread and -lpthread will be silently removed
+ -lrt will be silently removed (rt is a built-in library in bionic)
+ -dlopen and -version-info, and the word following those (the option
+ argument) will be silently removed
+ Of plain file arguments, only *.a and *.la files are kept, all others
+ are silently dropped.
-:LIBFILTER_STATIC followed by a list of libs (no lib prefix, or extension)
These libs will be added to LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES instead of